Wish you could come to our office for treatments but live too far away?

Our 3 week intensive program offers solutions for diagnosis and treatments so you can leave our center with a better understanding of your sleep issues and feeling better from our treatments.

Our intensive program starts with an initial consult with Damiana Corca to assess if we are a good fit. After the initial assessment is passed and you are approved for our 3 weeks program, we will schedule you and prepare for your arrival.

The program will be customized according your needs and based on your history. Our typical patients receive the following:
  • Daily acupuncture sessions
  • Herbal therapy
  • Naturopathic assessment and functional medicine testing
  • Sleep counseling and psychotherapy
  • Sleep study and assessment by Sleep Medicine Doctor

Our focus is on both treatments and assessment. Some of our patients see significant relief from our program. With chronic, more severe cases, our patients leave our center understanding much better what the root of their sleep issues are and what to do from here on. Most of our practitioners can work long distance after the initial program.

If you would like to explore what this program can do for you make an appointment below for a free consult.

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