The benefits of sweating in an infrared sauna may seem like the trendy new thing, but in reality, sweating in saunas or steam rooms have been around for a long time.

An infrared sauna produces heat through electromagnetic radiation heaters. The temperature ranges from 120 degrees F to 157 degrees F. These saunas heat the air around the person and it helps raise the core body temperature which results in the many health benefits associated with infrared heat.

Benefits of sweating in an infrared sauna

With infrared sauna technology you can:

  • Detoxify for radiant health
  • Relax for better sleep and mood
  • Purify your skin for better confidence and a favorable mental outlook
  • Relieve unwanted pain to enjoy more of your life
  • Increase circulation for better over-all well-being

Infrared therapy is highly beneficial to both your mind, body, and spirit. There are multiple advantages having sessions in an infrared sauna a couple of time a week, it helps maintain overall excellent health, reduces and controls stress, and allows for a peaceful nights rest. When you are healthy, relaxed, and well-rested, you enjoy a happier attitude and a better outlook on life.

To learn more about what an infrared sauna is, read “What is an infrared sauna and how does it work” or call 303-440-1033 to book a complimentary session in our infrared sauna.