Timothy Long

Psychotherapist & Sleep Counselor

Timothy works as holistic psychotherapist, sleep counselor, and transformational coach. He has been helping people achieve greater levels of happiness, success, and health for over 25 years.

Timothy’s holistic approach is key in helping our insomnia patients. He is particularly active in our Intensive Sleep Program, but he is available for all of our patients. Timothy helps our patients review their lives, with all the various stressors and unresolved issues that might affect sleep. He helps them gain an understanding of the connection between body and mind, including lifestyle, emotions, thinking patterns, core beliefs, relationships, and the ability to find deep rest, sleep, and happiness.

Based on each individual’s needs, Timothy also teaches the essentials of stress release, mindfulness, and deep relaxation techniques.

The core of Timothy’s psychotherapy practice is resolving issues of deep stress, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, blushing, and depression.

Timothy has a private practice in Boulder, Colo., seeing clients locally and all over the world via Skype, phone, or Facetime.

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Sleep, Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Bushing


Registered Psychotherapist


25 years


Gestalt, Trauma Psychotherapy & Process Group Training at the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

“Thanks Timothy, grateful that you were one of my angels on my path!! Sooo grateful! You took my hand and led me through the maze of fear I had built inside of my head. As I look back I KNOW I would not be at this place in my life without assistance from people like yourself! I finally like being with me and can appreciate the person I have evolved into. You hold a special place in my heart always!” ~ Jubae

I have never known a problem too big or too small to find a solution or healing for.
~ Timothy Long ~ ‘Psychotherapist & Sleep Counselor’