James Ripley

Founder of The Guided Meditation Institute, Guided Meditation Expert

As a guided meditation specialist for over a decade, I help busy professionals imagine change and design their life from a deeper place of purpose, and in a way that is sustainable. 

By combining guided meditation with biofeedback and brainwave principle, we can learn how to better access meditation, mindfulness, and highly creative and innovative work-flow states, and better understand our personal symbology that’s driving us.

Clients hire me for the Imagining Change Experience  that begins with a 3.0 hour long guided meditation, as well as workshops, and speaking engagements for events, meetings, and trainings.

What you get out of the Imagining Change Experience: 

  • A confidential experience in a safe place to explore what is most important
  • Deeper clarity about what you want in your life, and how to achieve it
  • A feeling of peace and calm that results from being more inner connected
  • Removal of mental blocks holding you back
  • An opportunity to up-level performance and goal achievement
  • Better understanding of what drives you and what blocks you
  • Use of a biofeedback instrument during your experience
  • A personalized meditation/visualization road map 

Who you are: 

You are successful, driven, open and willing to take responsibility for your own life and success

Have you ever felt you have a bigger calling, and either aren’t sure what it is exactly, or want to better understand it?

Lack clarity in your goals, dreams and visioning for your personal or professional future?

Feel frustrated, stuck and tapped into a feeling there is something more?

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Guided Meditation for Imagining Change


Bachelors- Degree Finance Miami University, Massage Therapy degree


11 years


2010 - 5 Day Awakened Mind Workshop at Esalen Institute, ’92 Hypnosis Society, 2008 Awakened Mind Brainwave Training, Attended Chinese Medicine School, Massage therapy, Auricular Therapy

“In working with James with a private immersion session, it was profound. Surprising. Insightful. Healing. I can’t begin to describe how incredible the experience was. It was NEW unlike anything I had experienced before. I’ve attended many meditation workshops …and can say my internal experience with this process was unparalleled. So deep. So profound. Sacred. Clarifying. After the session I felt uplifted and relaxed at the same time with a greater trust in life. A sense of levity and enthusiasm and a feeling of a return to myself. For Anyone that wants to explore their consciousness and experience a deeper state of being.

James facilitates in the most profound, skillful way. Creating a sense of safety. What perhaps amazed me most was that he wasn’t guiding me in meditation but walking me into my own meditation ..supporting my consciousness in going to a deeper place. Truly magical and blissful. While also healing. 

~ Lisa Guyman – Spiritual Educator, Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor and Reiki Master

What if the greatest single leverage point in imagining change was the present moment?

and was worth a thousand thinking steps.”

~James Ripley – Guided Meditation Specialist for Imagining Change