Welcome to Corca Center

We can help you achieve radiant health! We are a gathering of holistic practitioners who are here to help you achieve great sleep, improve your overall health, relieve anxiety, depression, pain, gastrointestinal and hormonal issues. As sleep deprivation and long term stress leave a mark on how we age, we can help you look more youthful with acupuncture facial rejuvenation.


Helping you sleep well on your own, by balancing your hormones and neurotransmitters.

Who is helping you

Dr. Damiana Corca, Acupuncture Sleep Specialist, will help you heal your sleep and, most importantly, help you learn how to sleep well for the rest of your life. Based on individual needs, other services will be provided, such as functional medicine, massage, and more.


What else ails you besides sleep issues?

Who is helping you

We are here to support fully recover from digestive issues to hormonal imbalances, from pain syndromes to fatigue.


This is the maintenance stage for people who have major stress and/or travel across times zones. It also includes the facial rejuvenation rejuvenation stage.

Who is helping you

Maintenance is provided by our various therapists depending on the individual needs. For the facial rejuvenation stage, Carmen Merten, LAc, will help you look your absolute best. Infrared sauna is also recommended in this stage, but also in the first two.

Free Sleep Inducing Relaxation

With delta waves and binaural beats music

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