Sharon M. Lippe

Office Manager & Receptionist

Sharon has been a Colorado resident for 30 yrs. She is a mother of two children. Her daughter, now in her twenties and awaiting her first baby, and her son now in college, have been the absolute joy of her life. She realized how important it was to be with them and watch them grow and so decided to be a stay at home mother. During this time, she realized the importance of self care.

Body, Mind and Spirit are all delicately woven together. For that reason, she began to travel the path of a yogini. In 2000, she became a certified yoga instructor and a Reiki practitioner. During that time, she also began to explore the benefits of meditation.

Presently, she teaches private and semi-private yoga classes to her clients. Her meditation practice now includes going on 12 day retreats in Noble Silence. It is in the very moment of stillness and quietude that you can actually hear the symphony of all life and feel great gratitude for everyone and everything.

Working at Corca Sleep Center with such a wonderful group of people allows us to spread our love and compassion to others. Here at the center, we are not only a team, we are a tribe – dedicated to the health and well being of everyone.

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How Sharon can help you:


She will help you make an appointment easy and fast


She will answer any questions you might have

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She will help guide you to the best practitioner that can help you

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She will greet you and show you around our center

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She will help you have the best visit to Colorado if you are visiting from afar


She will make you tea if you'd like some


She will prepare your sauna for you, so you can step right in


She will make sure you are all taken care of and cared for

Every moment is a Divine moment. What’s important is how we choose to spend that moment.
~ Sharon Lippe ~ ‘Office Manager’