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We can help you sleep well through the night on your own and wake up feeling refreshed.
Damiana Corca, Acupuncture Sleep Specialist, and our entire team is looking forward to seeing how we can help you.

What we can help you with

Insomnia in Women, Men, and Children – Our treatments are effective because we understand there are many types of insomnia and treat them accordingly.

Nightmares, Disturbing dream, Night terrors – Dreams tell a story even if it does’t make sense. Our treatments help regulate the nervous system so you can sleep peacefully.

Obstructive & Central Sleep Apnea, Snoring – Successful treatments for these sleep disorders are based on a combination of therapies that may reduce or eliminate the sleep imbalance.

Bedwetting in Children – The kids that we see love our treatments because now they can finally have sleepovers. The treatments are effective and most importantly, they are painless.

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